Montages & Sequences

Many places offer montages, 4 or 5 photographs with faded edges placed on the corners of the image.

Montages from us are very different, carefully blended together to provide a high quality aesthetic image.


Restoration of old photographs from simply correcting contrast to piecing together pieces!


Photobooks are not just for weddings.

It is a wonderful and permanent way to celebrate the progression of milestones in a childs life, perhaps from the first scan to the 1st birthday.   These make a fabulous gift for grandparents too!

An eventing year in a book, complete with dressage sheets.

A birthday celebration, document the conversion of a building, restoration of a car, training for sports event, a garden book, the list is endless.

Retouching photographs

Something spoiling a special photograph?  It can usually be removed.  Someone missing from a group shot?  If you have a photograph of them we may be able to add them.


Old photographs, negatives and slides can be scanned and digitised.  They will be returned to you via Special Delivery and your images will be on a USB stick.